Version Management

18.08.2015: Version 1.00 final  Nach einem substantiellen, primär technisch-strukturellen Update, einer wieder mehr auf die deutsche Sprache hin gerichteten Orientierung geht diese Website nun in den produktiven Betrieb über, wird in das laufende Projekt der Termiten eingebunden.

3.04.2015: Version 0.92 rc2  The Drupal-Core ist updated to 7.36 and also some other modules. Two aditional Modules had been integrated to prevent the growing spam on user-registration. One module can block a specific mail-adress by checking it against a blacklist. The other modul will work as a so called honeypot, to fool spambots when they try to register.

08.01.2015: Version 0.92 rc1  This release candidate seems to be nearly full equipped now. There ist the possibility for a slide-show, first used in an article (Northern Jutland) and it is based on a module called "Colorbox" with some additional  code (and modules) build on top of this basic framework. It can also be used in a modal display setting, for example: Videos or Maps in a node and without the whole frame. 

21.12.2014: With Version 0.91 beta  released, the "Private Issues" are now out in the world wide web. This Website is based on Drupal, a world leading Content Management System and actually version 7.34 ist used for this projekt. The starting User-Interface, when calling this site ( will use a three picture slide-show or alternativly a static single image. One mouseclick on the picture leads to the corresponding artikel - later...